Overcoming H.R. Kitte-Rojas



228 pages


Overcoming  by  H.R. Kitte-Rojas

Overcoming by H.R. Kitte-Rojas
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Shauna Gales has a lackluster love life, working hard to putherself through nursing school. Her upper-middle-classupbringing by educated parents influenced many of hertraits--including her unusual accent.Miles Bowser grew up in the hood. His own love life leavesmuch to be desired, and his college degree sure hasnt helpedhim make a mark on the world, either.A phone call brings these two eccentric souls into eachothers orbit.

Mutual attraction builds before they actuallylay eyes on each other...and realize they are two differentcolors.Soon its obvious there is something between them much deeperthan infatuation...but will their own subtle prejudices get inthe way?

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